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Balkan Tours, 1996-1997


In 1996, my trip started off in Thessaloniki, Greece

It's a bit of a cliche to say it, but Thessaloniki is indeed fairly reminiscent of Izmir

From Thessaloniki, I made my way to Corfu. Unfortunately, my shots from Corfu appear to have disappeared. This photo was taken from the boat as I traveled from Corfu to Albania.

Getting closer to Albania. That's Sarande in the distance.
Approaching Albania

Sarande. When we got to the port we entered the country through a rusty little turnstyle.

The boardwalk in Sarande.
More shots from Sarande.
View from my hotel room in Sarande.

Unfortunately, I can't remember where most of the upcoming shots are from. This photo was taken on the road somewhere in Albania.

I visited several gorgeous small cities in Albania

Again, I'm not sure where this is--somewhere in Albania. As you can see, it is a very beautiful country.

I met a number of people who could speak some Italian in Albania. This was a guy I met on the road when I'd asked directions. We ended up spending a couple of hours together.

Once again, I'm not sure where this is. Sorry--it was a long time ago.
This kid appears to be preparing to flip me off
This is Tirane.
A lake outside Tirane
Houses in Tirane
Scenic mosque and clocktower in Tirane
The muezzin took this photo of me up in the minaret
This was shot from the minaret
Back down at street level