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The Acropolis, Athens. My photos begin here because later in the trip some kids on a bus in Bulgaria stole all of the (used) film from the side compartment of my backpack. I sure hope they enjoyed it.

Another shot of the Acropolis, taken from the site of the 1896 Olympics.

This is me at Marmara University the day I visited and was offered a job to teach the following year. To my immediate right is Bulent, the kid who made it all possible. The other guys are some of his classmates. The barrack-type building to my right is where I would be teaching just six months later. When my Dad saw this picture over the summer of 1992, he said "they look like nice guys." He was right.

Istanbul! From Topkapi Palace.
Another shot of Istanbul with my cheap camera

From Istanbul I took a train to Edirne, where I would walk across the border into Bulgaria. These are some kids from the train. They had been in Istanbul to take the high school entrance examination.

After walking into Bulgaria, I hitchhiked into Svilengrad, then took a bus to Haskovo (it was on that bus that those punks stole my film). This is a shot of Haskovo; people wondering what the hell I was doing there.

I'm pretty sure this is Plovdiv, where I went after Haskovo.

That's the national theatre, where I would see a performance in 1995. I actually knew the two people in this photo. The person to the right was named Daniella, but I can't remember the name of the guy.

Another shot of Sofia

I took a train from Sofia to Bucharest. This photo was taken near the university.

Ceaucescu's famous "House of the People" and an empty fountain

A nicer part of Bucharest

Another shot from the park. Bucharest is actually a really beautiful city--I'm sorry I don't have nicer photos of it

The parliament building, Budapest

Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. It was cool when I only had to pay a couple of dollars for a room, but when I came back six years later it had already gotten out of hand, price-wise.

Zhilina, in northern Slovakia. You can see the high Tatras in the background.

I don't remember where this was
This is Brno--a totally cool place back in 1992
Brno again

This is Telc. It was cute and interesting in 1992--I'm sure it's become a tourist circus by now, just like the rest of the Czech Republic.

Two more Telc shots
Telc, again

Another shot of Telc. I'm not really sure what happened to the rest of my photographs from this trip. If I find them, I'll post them.


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