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The first city I visited in Japan was Osaka, where I spent a day prior to going to Sapporo.
More Osaka
This is Sapporo, on the island of Hokkaido. I was going to Japan in order to participate in a workshop at the Slavic Research Center, the main center of Russian/Soviet research in Japan. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see much of Sapporo, as our workshop took up most of our time there.
More Sapporo, taken early in the morning before the second day of our workshop. Other than this brief walk and a great night out my last night there, most of what I saw in Sapporo took place inside university lecture halls, restaurants, and the banquet rooms of local hotels.
In Kyoto, we did have an opportunity to take some excursions. This is a lake and rock garden that I visited, along with other workshop participants, on one of the mornings of our stay in Kyoto.
Me next to the lake.
Same area
Back area of rock garden
The rock garden--as you can see, some of the rocks had grown pretty high this year
Again, back area of rock garden
Back of rock garden
Outside the rock garden
In the gardens outside the rock garden
A lane for strolling in the gardens surrounding the rock garden.
Next to the lake
The Golden Pavillion, also in Kyoto
In the gardens behind the Golden Pavillion
The Golden Pavillion from another angle
The same area
Me and the Golden Pavillion
While staying in Kyoto, our group participated in workshops at universities in both Kyoto and Osaka. This is an office building in downtown Osaka that we passed on our way to the university.
One of our workshop participants in downtown Osaka
Kyoto scene
Scene from our Osaka workshop
Another pavillion in Kyoto
The home of 1000 Buddhas--photography not permitted inside
Street in Kyoto
Kyoto street scene
On my last day in Kyoto, I rented bikes with one of our hosts from Sapporo, Nori. In this photo, Nori is checking his Kyoto street map prior to setting off.
Kyoto street
Two geishas that I spotted while riding my bike
Another geisha
Nori in the rain
A temple in Kyoto. The barrels on the left are filled with sake and are used as an offering.
This was a temple that I visited by myself, after Nori had returned to the hotel to fly back to Sapporo.
Again, something that I saw while cycling around on my own.
This was a pretty canal near where our group had dinner the night before.
Another shot from the same area
Houses by the side of the river
Street scene
Also from the bike
Shopping arcade
The magic crab
My bike

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