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Me in Aleppo
Fruit merchant at night
Fruit merchant by day
The guy who ran my hotel in Latakia and his nephew
This was a really nice coffeeshop in Latakia--it looked onto the sea
On the Med in Latakia
Heading out to an island off Latakia
On the island


Ship arriving at the island
On the road to Crac des Chevaliers--an old Crusader castle
Sidestreet on the island
The bus driving crew en route to the Crac
A tunnel inside the Crac
Another shot from the Crac
Me on the Crac
A street in the village

On the way back to Latakia from the Crac I visited a couple of villages


While walking through one of these villages, I met a family sitting in front of their house

The family had been outside smoking a nargile and started chatting with me in French

Me taking a hit off the nargile

Back in Latakia at a restaurant--this was either the owner or the manager

Hitting the beach after a long day
The Mediterranean
On the road to Hama
Hama is famous for its water wheels
Finally in Damascus--the big city
People buying and selling in Damascus
In the souk in Damascus

This is Marmula--a village close to Damascus where some people still speak Aramaic (not that I would have understood the difference)

From Syria I traveled by shared taxi to Amman, Jordan. I have no photos of Amman, but I do have this shot of the Dead Sea, which I visited on a day trip.


From Amman I took a bus to the West Bank, then caught another bus which took me to Jerusalem.

The al-Asqua Mosque in Jerusalem


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