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RUSSIA SHOTS, 2004-2006



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Arbat Street, Moscow in 2004
Fontanka Canal, St. Petersburg
The Russian White House from my room at the Hotel Ukraina
Me in front of Lenin's tomb, Red Square
Me in front of St. Basil's, Red Square
Close to the Hotel Ukraina
Russian White House during the day
Moscow at Night
Rain approaching
Moscow River and lights
Igor, my landlord in Kazan. Behind us is Igor's car
In Kazan, at the world-famous Cafe Antalya on Bauman St.
Me in Kazan, at the Kremlin. The Volga River is behind me.
A market in Kazan
Mosque in Kazan. Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, which is part of the Russian Federation.
Bauman Street, Kazan
With Ismail Turkoglu at the Cafe Antalya
The main building of Kazan State University, where both Lenin and Tolstoy studied.
The National Library of Tatarstan, formerly the Kazan municipal library. The tall building in the background houses the department where I studied Tatar.
The "Kvartal" neighborhood, on the other side of the Kazanka river.
Everybody loves Bauman Street!
Kol Sharif Mosque, opened in 2005.
Celebrating Victory Day
Victory Day at the Victory Monument
A festive day
Tatar dancers
Saban Tue celebrations in a village outside Kazan, June 2005
More dancing
Everyone visiting Tatarstan in June should make an effort to see the Saban Tue ('Too-eh') celebrations. They take place on different dates in different villages.
But before long, the sun came out again.
A wild rainstorm started just a few minutes after this picture was taken.
It also got pretty windy.
An old man watching the proceedings
A little house in the village
A little meadow
This photo was taken in Ufa, capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan.
As is the case with Tatarstan, Bashkortostan is a republic within the Russian Federation.
Park in Ufa, summer of 2005. Bashkortostan is known as the "Multi-national republic." Andreas Kappeler would be proud.
Ufa is a very green, peaceful and clean city. I enjoyed my stay there very much.
On the road back to Kazan. It's a 22-hour trainride, but only 14 hours by bus.
Back in Kazan on a rainy August day. This is a building of Kazan State University.

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