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trip through asia,

march-august, 1999


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I flew to New Delhi in March of 1999
From Delhi I traveled to Agra, site of the Taj Mahal

In Agra there was some kind of holiday taking place. I had no idea what was going on, but it was very colorful.

After Agra I traveled to Rajastan, a region in the west of India. This is Jodhpur, the 'blue city' of Rajastan.

Another shot of the blue city
The architecture was really good for the soul.

I then traveled to Udaipur, also in Rajastan
Me on a boat in Udaipur
In Bombay
After Rajastan, I traveled down to Bombay
Street in Bombay
Cool shot with elephant in background
This was also taken in Goa, in the southwest of India
This was taken in Goa
I took this in front of a church in Goa--Goa used to be a Portuguese colony and has a large Christian population
This was the beach a couple of miles down from my hotel. That's the Indian Ocean, by the way.
I spent about a week chilling out on the beach in Goa--this is a bike that I used for riding around the area.

Another shot of my bike

A group of monkeys
More monkeys
Varanasi--this is the Ganges River
Varanasi backstreets
People bathing in the holy water of the Ganges River

Arriving in the Calcutta train station
Street in Calcutta


More of Calcutta


Another Calcutta shot

After six weeks in India, I flew from Calcutta to Thailand. I didn't spend a lot of time in Thailand--only a couple of weeks, mostly in Bangkok and on Ko Samui.



Cruising the waters outside Bangkok


After a week visiting the sites around Bangkok, I went south to the island of Ko Samui.



While on Ko Samui, I received an email from my brother Jack telling me that he would be in Bangkok in a few days, so I ran up north again to see him.
Fishermen in the Mekong River. That's Thailand on the other side
From Bangkok, I traveled north to Udon Thani, then crossed over the bridge into Laos. This is the view from my hotel room in Vientiene, the Laotian capital
Road outside Vientiene that I took during a bike ride


The fortress at Hue
From Savanakhet, Laos, to Hue, Vietnam, I traveled by bus. It was a hard trip--it took 16 hours, and the bus broke down frequently. The only place for me to sit was on a case of beer cans, which wasn't very comfortable. This is a shot of the bus that I took during one of our stops.
Two high school students that I met while I was touring the fortress in Hue.
Outside Hue I went on a tour of an old American camp
The little town of Hoian was one of the coolest places I visited anywhere during the course of this trip. It's a beautiful little town, and is located about a fifteen-minute bike ride from a super beach.

Some shots of Saigon

Downed American aircraft at the Museum of American War Crimes, formerly the US Embassy

Hanoi--a beautiful green city. It was a lot more peaceful than Saigon, but Saigon was a lot more friendly and fun.
World-famous Jim Hotel in Saigon

National Theatre in Hanoi


Early morning bike-ride out to Ho Chi Minh's mausoleum my last day in Hanoi. Like Lenin and Mao, Ho's body is open and on display

Crossing over from northern Vietnam into China, my first real stop was Yangshuo.

Yangshuo is famous for its numerous green hillocks

Like Guilin, its more famous (and more crowded) neighbor to the north, Yangshuo is a gorgeous place to explore

In Yanghshuo I rented a bike and toured the area outside of town

More shots from outside Yangshuo

These four shots were taken in Dali
Dali was really cool--my brother was the one who recommended I go there
The market outside Dali

More shots in and around Dali


Last shot from Dali

These shots were taken in Lijiang, another place my brother had recommended to me

These four shots are from Chengdu

Outside of Chengdu I went to a panda preserve

A shot of Xian
In Xian I visited a mosque and met these kids at the medrese
My trip ended in Beijing, at which time I visited the Great Wall


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